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Argyle Funds & Ardent Harmony Fund go into liquidation, $89m at risk

A Cayman fund group set up by Barbados-based Canadian attorney Jeffrey Lipton has collapsed, putting US$89m of investors' funds at risk. Argyle Funds SPC, ARC (Euro) Fund, ARC (USD) Fund, and Ardent Harmony Fund went into liquidation apparently due to problems with loans of approximately $40m to NY-based factoring firm RMP Capital Corp.

Featured Fraudster - Duane McGaw (FREE)

This page is devoted to fraudsters who sue OffshoreAlert for libel after we have exposed them, thereby demonstrating they are stupid and delusional, as well as dishonest. Having their own permanent entry on a free section of our site so their families, friends, future victims and others can discover how ugly they are is a price they must pay for letting their emotions and ego override common sense.

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Letter from New Jersey-based attorney George S. Arslanian, Jr., representing Jean-Philippe Grange, demanding that OffshoreAlert remove from YouTube a recording of a telephone interview that OffshoreAlert conducted with Mr. Grange and his business partner, Sam Zumbe, regarding a fraudulent Delaware 'bank'.
Letter from Anne Strebinger demanding the removal from OffshoreAlert's web-site of an SEC securities fraud complaint in which she is a relief defendant, claiming that she is an "EU citizen" and has a "right to be forgotten" under European law, notwithstanding the fact that, in the SEC's complaint, she is described as a Canadian citizen residing in Canada.


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