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Financial elite to attend next week's OffshoreAlert Conference in London

Investigators, providers and buyers of high-value international financial products and services will gather in London next week for The 4th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe. 

Asset Recovery: How To Do It Right

The amount of financial crime victims' money squandered by international asset recovery 'experts' incompetently chasing lost causes is shockingly high. Many attorneys and investigators simply don't know what they're doing.

British whitewashes, cover-ups & secrecy scrutinized at OffshoreAlert Conference

Why is so much blatantly illegal activity in Britain ignored or covered up? Why do so many public inquiries end in a whitewash? Why is seemingly every investigation conducted slowly, inefficiently, incompetently and/or corruptly? And why are establishment figures absolved of wrongdoing time and again in conclusions to reports that often require the suspension of disbelief and take the public for idiots?

UBS and Parex Bank whistleblowers to speak at OffshoreAlert Conference

It's become obvious in recent years that many big international banks knowingly engage in illegal activity in their never-ending pursuit of profits. Ethics and morality appear to be irrelevant, unless there's a financial gain. It's all about money.

Offshore European Ponzi schemes to be exposed at OffshoreAlert Conference

In order to show how easy it is to recognize Ponzi schemes, OffshoreAlert publisher David Marchant will be naming and shaming at least two that are currently fleecing investors at this month's OffshoreAlert Conference in London.

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Letter from convicted fraudster Garry Milosevich complaining about information on OffshoreAlert's web-site concerning his fraudulent activity.
Letter from Zoia Angelova requesting the removal of a document and an article concerning a request for judicial assistance from Bulgaria regarding an investigation into Ms Angelova's clients, Yanko Haralambev and Dimitrichka Nikolova Yordanova.


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